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Complete Paper Analysis of JEE Main 2020 3rd September Exam (Shift 1 & 2)

Paper Analysis – JEE Main 2020

Question Paper on Second Day was Up to the Mark in Both the Shifts
– Brajesh Maheshwari
Director, ALLEN Career Institute

Computer based mode JEE Main 2020 exam got conducted on Thursday September 3, 2020 in two shifts. ALLEN Career Institute Director, Brajesh Maheshwari, stated that as per the feedback received from students on the ALLEN C-SAT app, the JEE Main exam was up to the mark, some questions asked in all the three subjects were good and time taking, while a few questions were little troublesome for the students.

The exam in Kota was conducted in two centers. These centers were Shiv Jyoti International School, Ranpur and Om Kothari Institute located at Jhalawar road. Exam will continue till September 6, 2020 in two shifts.

On the second day of B-Tech JEE-Main, out of 1624 students, there were 1428 students present. 196 students were absent. In Shiv Jyoti International, out of 416 students, there were 365 students present in the morning shift. In the second shift, out of 412, 364 students were present. In Om Kothari, out of 398 students, 347 were present in the first shift and out of 398, 352 students were present in the second shift.

First Shift

As per the feedback received from students on the ALLEN C-SAT app after the first shift, the paper was up to the mark, it could even be called tough. JEE Main topics in all the subjects were covered. Maximum students shared that Physics was on the most difficult side while questions from the Informative part in Chemistry also caused a little problem.

Questions were asked from almost all the topics of Math. There were 3-4 questions where in the Numerical Section, the nearest integer was asked to fill. Students got a bit confused in the Physics questions. In some questions, calculation was quite lengthy while in some the required constants were not clear.

Some students stated that such questions were getting solved through Approximation or Elimination. In Mechanics, 3-4 questions were from Diode and from EMV, 1 question each was there while Modern Physics weightage was less.

Math paper was up to the mark. All the topics were covered. Binomial and Standard Deviation questions were more time consuming.

In Chemistry, the Conduction, Electrochemistry, Photoelectric Effect numerical from Physical Chemistry were up to the mark. However, Organic and Inorganic Informative Questions were little problematic like Novestrol reaction, questions were asked on Environmental Effect caused by Thermal Plant.

Second Shift

As per the feedback received from students on the ALLEN C-SAT app after the second shift, the paper was little easy. Physics was the easiest of all, wherein there was a balance of theoretical and numerical questions. Mechanics questions were easy while EMI questions were tough.

Weightage of Optics and Mains topic was less. In Chemistry, the organic section was the toughest, wherein SN-2 Reaction, Aldol, Cannizzaro related some good questions were asked while in one match-the-column, some organic drugs and their usage related questions were asked.

In Physical, chapters like Electrochemistry, Equilibrium were also covered. There were two question from Coordination in Inorganic Chemistry, while some questions were from P Block which were easy.

In Math, there was more coverage from topics like Integration Differentiation, Vector. Some questions were even asked from JEE-Mains topic Relation and Reasoning. There was almost equal weightage of 11th and 12th NCERT.

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