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JEE Main 2020 Exam Starts for B.E. B.Tech, Complete Paper Analysis of 2 September Exam (Shift 1 & 2)

JEE Main starts for B.E – B-Tech, Paper Analysis – JEE Main 2020

Math was Lengthy While Physics & Chemistry Were Easy

– Brajesh Maheshwari,
Director, ALLEN Career Institute

JEE Main 2020 exam in Computer Based Mode got conducted on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 in two shifts. ALLEN Career Institute Director, Brajesh Maheshwari, stated that as per the feedback received from students on the ALLEN C-SAT app, the JEE exam held on Wednesday was easy and average.

If we talk about the paper pattern, then there were 20 multichoice SOT (Single Option Correct Type) in each subject and 5 questions were of numerical base.

 The exam in Kota was conducted in two centers. These centers were Shiv Jyoti International School, Ranpur and Om Kothari Institute located at Jhalawar road. Exam will continue till September 6, 2020 in two shifts. The first day feedback as received on the ALLEN C-SAT app states that mathematics paper was average and lengthy. It took quite a time and many questions were pretty confusing. Physics and Chemistry papers were easy.

Students Attendance

On the first day of B-Tech exam, out of 1634 students, there were 1436 students. 198 students were absent. In Shiv Jyoti International, out of 418 students, there were 385 students present in the morning shift. In the second shift, out of 416, 360 students were present. In Om Kothari, out of 401 students, 329 were present in the first shift and out of 399, 362 students were present in the second shift.

First Shift

As per the feedback received from students on the ALLEN C-SAT app after the first shift, the paper was easy and of average standard. Around 60-70% questions were based on NCERT. Chemistry questions were the easiest of all. In Chemistry, the division of questions in Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry was almost same. Math paper was easy but very lengthy, solving the problems took a lot of time. Trigonometry questions in mathematics were less. If we talk of Physics then most of the questions were formula based. Magnetism and Electrostat were covered more. Questions related to Optics were also asked.

Second Shift

As per the feedback received from students post the second shift, the paper was easy. As some of the questions in mathematics had lengthy calculations, it took a little more time. Physics and Chemistry questions were easy. In Physics, there was a balance of Class XI and Class XII topics. There were very few questions based on topics which are covered in JEE Main but not in JEE Advanced. However, one question each was asked from Logic Gate and Electromagnetic Wave. The Potential Calculation question from Electrostat was tricky.

Optics, Mechanics, Magnetism, Modern Physics and Electrostat were very well covered. In Math, there were more questions on Calculus. There was proper inclusion of Algebra and Trigonometry questions. Questions based on Variance in Statistics and Binomial in Algebra were a little troublesome. On the other hand, questions based on Determinant, Complex Number and Sequential Series were easy.

In Chemistry, there were no questions from the JEE Mains topic, F-Block, Environment. Questions from Organic and Inorganic were easy. Physical Chemistry questions were quite lengthy. In one numerical of Thermo Chemistry, the answer came in a very large figure because of which students had to invest a lot of time in solving it. In Chemistry, there was a question asked as to what treatment will be followed if a chemical fall in hand. In Inorganic Chemistry, S-Block, Coordination, and Chemical Bonding were covered the most.

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