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JEE Main 2020 Paper Analysis for 9th January Exam. Paper was moderate in both the shifts.

JEE Main 2020 Paper Analysis

The JEE Main examination concluded on Thursday i.e. 9th January 2020. Brijesh Maheshwari, the director of the Allen Career Institute, said that according to the feedback received by the students on Allen’s CSAT app, the JEE Main paper was moderate on the last day. The Mathematics paper was easy in the morning shift while in the evening shift it was lengthy. The physics paper was moderate in both the shifts. Chemistry paper was also easy in both the shifts and there was a proper combination of physical, organic and inorganic.

JEE Main Chemistry Paper Analysis (9th Jan)

The chemistry paper remained moderate. In the morning shift, two questions related to biomolecules in organic chemistry were asked. Wherein one of the questions was related to histamine and the other was related to artificial sugar. A question from F block was asked which was related to Friedle Craft Reaction. A question related to Ellingham Diagram from Metallurgy was also asked. Around 8 to 9 questions were asked from Physical Chemistry, 7 to 8 questions from Organic Chemistry and the remaining questions were asked from inorganic Chemistry. In the evening shift, the data given for the question related to the activation energy from kinetics was considered inadequate by many students.

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JEE Main Physics Paper Analysis (9th Jan)

The calculation was easy because of the Integer section in Physics, but in the Objective questions, the calculation was difficult. In Physics a lot of questions were asked from Thermo. Around 5 to 7 questions were asked from Optics and Modern Physics, 4 to 6 questions were asked from Mechanics, 4 to 6 questions from Electrostatic and Magnetism were asked, and the remaining  4 to 6  questions in Heat and Thermodynamics were asked from Current Electricity and EMI.

JEE Main Mathematics Paper Analysis (9th Jan)

Mathematics paper was easy in the morning shift. While in the evening shift the paper was lengthy. There were some questions which were also asked from previous year papers. Calculus, 3D vectors, and conic section were given more importance. 1-2 questions were also asked from trigonometry and there were enough questions from algebra. Due to calculative multi-step questions in the evening shift, the students’ felt that the given time was lesser.


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