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JEE Main 2022 | 26 JUNE (Shift 1+2) Paper & Difficulty Level Analysis by ALLEN Experts

For the third day in a row, maths was the most lengthy, chemistry was the most scoring

The country’s biggest engineering entrance exam JEE Main-2022 is continuing for admission to BE-B.Tech course. The JEE Main 2022 Session 1 examination was conducted in two shifts on computer based mode on the third day of JEE Main 2022 Session 1 on Sunday.

Dr. Brajesh Maheshwari Sir, Director, Allen Career Institute said that the analysis of the paper has been done on the basis of the feedback of the students and the response received on CSAT. According to the students, the difficulty level of the paper on the third day remained the same as the previous two days. Maheshwari said that a pattern has emerged in JEE Main June attempt so far according to which the paper of Maths has remained the most tricky of all. Whereas Physics is coming with a combination of formula based and some theoretical questions. Meanwhile, most of the questions in Chemistry are coming from NCERT based and some numerical questions are coming in the integer section. A similar pattern is expected in the coming days’ exams as well. Mathematics in the morning shift on Sunday was tougher than the second innings. Whereas in chemistry some questions related to temperature coefficient and Tautomerism were asked outside the NCERT syllabus.

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Physics – Moderate in Morning shift and relief in Noon shift

The Physics paper in the morning shift was balanced and of moderate standard. One question was from Assertion Reason and one or two questions were based on true and false statements. In JEE Main topics, two questions were asked from Semiconductor, one question from Communication and one question from Diffraction. Some questions were of advanced level also. The 2nd shift paper was a relief for the students. Some questions were asked based on direct formula. Also questions were covered from almost all the chapters. The topics of JEE Main like Semiconductor, Communication and EM Wave were given importance.

Chemistry – Above normal in morning shift and moderate in Afternoon Shift 

The level of Chemistry paper was above normal in the morning shift. In this, the questions of electrochemistry, liquid solution, and Tautomerism were found difficult by the students. Apart from this, two questions were asked from Mole concept, three from P block, one from S block, and one each from Ionic Equilibrium, Thermochemistry, Radioactivity and PoC etc. Overall questions were covered from all the topics. Apart from this, the question of the Ellingham diagram of AR was asked. The paper level in the 2nd shift was moderate. In which all the topics were covered. It mainly dealt with the question of enzymes and their related chemical reactions in surface chemistry. Physical chemistry was mainly in Integer. The objective part was organic and inorganic. In which one question was asked on the biological demand of water. In organic, good questions were asked from coupling reactions and nucleophilicity and electrophilic substitution. In organic chemistry, the question of Coordination Chemistry Chemical Bonding was asked prominently.

Maths – Some questions of JEE Adv level in morning shift, Paper in second shift was easy

Like the previous two days, some questions in the Maths paper were of JEE Advanced level as well which belonged to Vector and 3D. More but simpler questions were asked from Calculus and Conic. It took about 80-90 minutes for the students to solve the paper. Two questions were asked from the topic of JEE Mains. The paper in 2nd shift was easy but took more time to solve. Questions from Continuity of Composite Function and System of Equation are being seen in every paper.

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