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JEE Main 16th March 2021 Paper Analysis (Shift 1 & Shift 2).

The second session of the country’s largest engineering entrance exam- JEE Main 2021 (March Attempt) for BE/ B.Tech started on Tuesday. The exam was conducted in two shifts in computer-based mode. Based on the students’ feedback and the feedback received on CSAT, Brajesh Maheshwari Sir, Director of ALLEN Career Institute, concluded that on the first-day Maths was difficult and lengthy, Physics remained easy while students faced problems in assertion and reasoning questions in chemistry. Some questions in the paper were asked directly from ALLEN’s Sheet. The most important thing was that in JEE Main March Paper, clear guidelines were given to answer the numerically-based questions in round-off figures. If it is not asked separately to round off the answer, the answer must still be written by doing the round-off. These guidelines were not given in the February paper. Apart from this, it has also been clarified that if there is any contradiction regarding a question’s language, then the English language question will be considered the basis for the markings.

Chemistry Paper Analysis – JEE Main 2021 March Attempt 

Chemistry paper was easy. The paper was entirely based on the NCERT syllabus. In the morning shift, the coverage of organic and inorganic was more in the Objective Type Questions. While the questions from Physical Chemistry were more in the Integer Section. Students were confused by some database questions and association and reasoning questions. 4-5 questions were asked based on Chemistry Assertion and Reasoning. Two questions were asked from Chemistry in Everyday Life in Organic Chemistry. One was based on vitamins and the other on antihistamine drugs. Apart from this, the weightage of aromatic was more in Organic Chemistry. Most of the questions of Physical Chemistry appeared in the Integer Section. Almost all the topics were covered in it. In Inorganic Chemistry, questions were asked from VSEPR Theory in Chemical Bonding. In Coordination Chemistry, questions were asked from Isomerism, Metallurgy, F Block, and Environmental Chemistry. One question on Polymer Topic was asked in both shifts. In the evening shift, the weightage of block chemistry was more in organic chemistry. Questions from the Van Der Waals Force were also asked.

Physics Paper Analysis – JEE Main 2021 March Attempt 

According to the students, Physics paper was easy in the morning shift. A balanced number of questions were asked from all the topics. Still, there was no Geometrical Optics coverage in the paper. A question was also asked about communication. Another question was also asked from the Neutral Point in Magnetism and Matter. Not a single question of Geometrical Optics was asked in the morning shift. Calculations were high in the evening shift. Questions from Radioactivity were asked. A simple question of geometry optics was asked in the evening shift.

Maths Paper Analysis – JEE Main 2021 March Attempt 

Maths paper was tough in the morning shift, and students believed the paper was lengthy because of calculations. In such a situation, students did spend more time in Maths paper than in Physics and Chemistry. Most questions were asked from Integration and 3D Geometry. Apart from this, there were balanced questions from other topics. NCERT 12th grade syllabus has more weightage. Similarly, in the evening shift also, Maths paper was difficult due to being more calculative. Both the shifts had more questions based on Vector 3D, Probability, Integration and Matrix, and Determinants.

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