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JEE Main 22nd July 2021 Paper Analysis by ALLEN Career Institute

The country’s largest engineering entrance exam JEE-Main (third session), has begun. On 22nd July, the examination was held from 3 to 6 pm in only one shift for BE/ B.Tech. Based on the students’ feedback and the feedback received on CSAT, Brajesh Maheshwari Sir, Director of ALLEN Career Institute, concluded that more weightage was given on the class 12 syllabus in Physics and Maths. Similarly in Chemistry, equal weightage was given to class 11th and 12th.

JEE Main – Chemistry Paper Analysis

Overall, the Chemistry paper was easier as compared to the paper on 20th July. In Physical Chemistry, most of the questions came in Section 2. Apart from this, questions from KPA KC and Thermo Dynamics were asked in Chemical Equilibrium. Whereas in organic chemistry, there were questions related to separating organic compounds and matching polymers, Reimer-Tiemann reaction, Aniline does not undergo Friedel-Crafts reaction. While in Inorganic Chemistry, easy questions were asked from Diborane VSEPR The Blocks as Block and Metallurgy.

JEE Main – Maths Paper Analysis

The maths paper was lengthy, due to which the students took more time to solve the paper. There was a tricky question related to probability. Some questions related to Differential Equations, Sequence and a Series, Binomial Theorem, Function, and Parabola came in the paper. 3 questions were asked from Matrix Determinant, 3 to 4 questions were from Vector 3D, 1 question was from Complex Number, 2 from Conic Section and 1 question from Circle was covered. The questions from the Integer part were more challenging than the objective questions in Maths.

JEE Main – Physics Paper Analysis

The paper was comparatively easy except for some questions. 3 to 4 questions were asked from the topics of JEE Main. Questions were asked from Electro Magnetic Waves, Earth Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. Apart from this, 2 questions were asked from AC, Dipole rotation, and 1 question from error. Apart from this, some questions were formed by combining two different topics. A question was asked by combining Gravitation and Kinetics. Also, a question was asked related to Radiation and Heat Transfer.

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