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JEE Main 2021 Paper Analysis for 25th July exam by ALLEN’s Expert Faculties

The country’s largest engineering entrance exam JEE-Main (third session), has begun. On 25th July, the examination was held in two shifts for BE/ B.Tech. Based on the students’ feedback and the feedback received on CSAT, Brajesh Maheshwari Sir, Director of ALLEN Career Institute, concluded that the paper of Physics and Chemistry was easy in the morning shift. In contrast, the paper of Maths was a bit tricky. Assertion and reason-based questions were asked in all three subjects.
Almost equal weightage was given to the Class 11th and 12th syllabus in all three subjects. The evening shift paper was the easiest among all the papers held in the third session. However, some informative questions were asked in Chemistry. The general guidelines asked to round off the answers to the numerical questions of all the subjects.

JEE Main – Chemistry Paper Analysis

There was an almost equal number of physical, organic, and inorganic questions in the Chemistry paper, but, as before, the questions of physical were asked in the integer section. In Physical Chemistry, easy numerical questions were asked from Kinetics, Surface Chemistry, Chemical Equilibrium, EMF in Electrochemistry, and De Broglie Wave Equation from Atomic Structure.
In Inorganic, the questions were asked about primary, secondary valency
in coordination, leaching of aluminum in metallurgy, size comparison of isoelectronic ions, a paramagnetic compound in d block, and dry cleaning agent in environmental chemistry.
Most of the questions in Organic Chemistry were structure-based; in a question, the monomer was asked by giving the structure of the polymer. Similarly, to identify the structure in ozonolysis, water-soluble proteins were asked from Aldol condensation, Gabriel Phthalimide, and Everyday Life. In the evening shift, from the biomolecules, biomolecules guanine was asked, whereas from f-block, the number of d electrons in (3+) ions, while liquid solutions and radioactivity were also asked in the paper.

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JEE Main – Physics Paper Analysis

Equal weightage was given to theory and numerical questions in Physics. 2 questions from the Collision, 1 from Capacitor were asked. While from Finding Angular Momentum of Rotation, Vector, EM Waves, Wave Optics, and SHM in one question, the calculation of frequency was required by adding two blocks. According to the students, lengthy calculations had to be done in Radio-Activity in Modern Physics. Most of the questions in the evening shift were formula-based.

JEE Main – Maths Paper Analysis

Students spent more time on Maths papers than Physics and Chemistry, but it was easier so far. At the same time, the paper was comparatively easy in the evening shift. Two questions were asked from JEE Main Topics like Statistics and Mathematical Reasoning. Also, some tricky questions were made by combining two topics. Like a question was made by combining the Matrix and Complex Numbers. Apart from this, 3D vector, differential equation, and defined integration were given more weightage. Some easy questions were asked related to Parabola; Area Bounded by Curve, Sequential Series, and Height and Distance of Balloon. According to the students, a lot of time was spent on one question of the polynomial.

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