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JEE Main 5th Sept 2020 Paper Analysis (Shift-1, 2). Paper was easy in both the shifts

Paper Analysis – JEE Main 2020

Brajesh Maheshwari,

Director, ALLEN Career Institute

Computer based mode exam of JEE-Main took place in two shifts on Saturday, September 5, 2020. As per the feedback received by the students on ALLEN C-SAT app, director Brajesh Maheshwari stated that paper was easy in both the shifts.

In the first shift, students got a little confused in some questions of Physics, rest of the paper was comparatively easy. In the second shift, the paper was overall easy.

On Saturday, out of 1619 students, 1265 students were present. 354 students were absent. In Shiv Jyoti International, in the morning shift, out of 412 students, 318 students were present. In the second shift, out of  413 students 324 were present. Similarly, in Om Kothari, in the first shift, out of 398 students, 324 students were present and in the second shift, out of 396 students 299 were present.

JEE Main 2020 Paper Analysis (First Shift)


As per the feedback received from the students on the ALLEN C-SAT app, who appeared in the first shift, the paper was easy. Maximum students stated that comparatively, Physics was difficult, whereas Chemistry and Math was easy.

In physics, maximum questions were asked from class XI and XII NCERT. There were questions asked from Mechanics, Electro Stat, Optics and Semiconductor. In Chemistry, there was more weightage on Organic, in which primarily Aromatic Compound, General Organic Chemistry, Acid Base Comparison, were asked, about Nor Adrenaline was asked from Chemistry Everyday Life.

From Inorganic, water gas shift reaction, Ellingham diagrams were asked. Leaving one or two questions, Math problems were easy. From the conic section there were three questions, from Arithmetic Progression, two questions were there and one question was from the Sum of root combination.

JEE Main 2020 Paper Analysis (Second Shift)

As per the feedback received from the students on ALLEN C-SAT app, the second shift paper was overall easy. Questions were asked from almost all the topics.

There was less weightage of exclusive JEE-Main topics. However, in Physics, Zener Diode, in math Statistics and in Chemistry, Everyday life questions were asked.

In Chemistry, comparatively information-based questions were there.



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