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JEE Main 2022 Session-2 (25th July, Shift 1 & 2) Question Paper Analysis

Paper Analysis-JEE Main 2022 Session 2 (July attempt) by Dr. Brajesh Maheshwari, Director, Allen Career Institute*

JEE Main 2022 Session-2 (July session) of the country’s biggest engineering entrance exam for admission to BE-BTech course, commenced on Monday. The exam was held in computer based test (CBT) mode.

Director of Allen Career Institute Dr.  Brajesh Maheshwari said that the analysis of the paper has been done on the basis of the feedback of the students and the response received on CSAT.  According to the information received from the students, on the first day of JEE Main July session, the Maths paper came very difficult.  Questions were asked with multiple formulae and concepts.  All questions were calculative and explanatory.  So the difficulty level of Maths paper was very high.

Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)


The level of Physics paper in the morning shift remained the same as the previous session.  Almost all the topics were covered.  Questions were asked from Kinematics, Wave Optics, WEP, Rotation and Ray Optics.  Questions were asked on Rainbow Formation in Ray Optics.  According to the information received from the students, the questions asked from the semiconductor part were a bit confusing.  In Objective Part Two, there were two questions of Assertion Reasoning type and one question of Matrix Matching type.  Whereas the paper of 2nd shift was of moderate level.  Questions were asked from Fluid, Optics, Heat, Kinematics, 2D, Electrostat, Capacitance, Magnetism, SHM and Error topics.


Chemistry paper was easy as compared to Physics and Maths.  In the morning shift, two questions in the objective part were of Assertion Reasoning type.  Questions were asked from almost all the topics.  In which mainly physical chemistry, ionic equilibrium, liquid solution, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, thermodynamics, mole concept (concentration terms) were asked.  Similarly, in organic chemistry, questions were asked from Chemistry in Everyday Life, Biomolecule Polymer, Environmental Chemistry, Separation Techniques, Alcohol and in inorganic Chemistry, S-Block, D-Bloc Coordination Chemistry, Chemistry Bonding Tables and Periodic Questions.  At the same time, even in the 2nd shift, the paper was as easy as the morning.  There were questions of statement (1-2) type and column matching in it.  Questions were asked from Metallurgy, Chemical Bonding, Isomerism, Periodic, Chemical Kinetic, Thermodynamics, Aldol Condensation, General Organic Chemistry, Biomolecules and S Block.


In the morning shift, the Maths paper was tougher than the rest of the two papers.  Like the first session of JEE Main, this time too all the topics were covered.  One question each was asked from all the topics.  Some questions came with mixed concepts.  In such a situation, solving the paper was very challenging for the students.  There were 9 questions from Calculus, 8 from Algebra, 3 from Vector and 3D.  Around 4 questions from Circle plus Conic section and about 5-6 questions from other topics.  All questions were calculative and explanatory.  So the difficulty level of Maths paper was very high.  Similarly, the second shift paper was very difficult and lengthy.  According to the students, the number of formula based questions in the paper was negligible.  Multiple formulae and concepts were being applied in each question.  In such a situation, it will be difficult for average students to get a good score.  This paper was quite tough as compared to the previous session of JEE Main.

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