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JEE Main 26 Feb 2021 Paper Analysis (Shift 1 & Shift 2)

JEE Main 26 Feb 2021 Paper Analysis: Chemistry Paper was tough; Physics and maths was of standard level in the morning shift, Chemistry and Physics paper was easy while maths was lengthy in the evening shift

Paper Analysis of JEE Main 2021 (February Attempt) by Brajesh Maheshwari Sir, Director, ALLEN Career Institute

The examination of JEE Main 2021 (February Attempt) for BE/ B.Tech was held on Friday. The exam was conducted in two shifts in computer-based mode. Brajesh Maheshwari Sir, Director of ALLEN Career Institute, said that based on the students’ feedback and the feedback received on CSAT, the chemistry was tough in the morning shift on Friday. At the same time, the physics and mathematics paper was normal. While chemistry and physics were easy in the evening shift, maths was comparatively lengthy and difficult. This time in JEE Main February attempt, the accretion reason pattern questions came only in the last day paper.


In the morning shift on the last day of JEE Main (February Attempt), students found the paper difficult due to the more theoretical part in the Chemistry paper. More weightage was given to the characterization of organic compounds, lanthanides, and separation techniques.
Kinetics, Equilibrium, Thermo Liquid Solution in Physical Chemistry, and a question came from Significant Digit. In Inorganic, two questions related to hydrogen bonding were also asked related to reactions of ionization energies, salvage process, carbonate complex, and dichromate.
The evening shift paper was comparatively easy. In section 1, there were more questions of organic and inorganic. Easy questions came from electrochemistry and surface chemistry in physical chemistry.


On the last day of JEE Main exam, both Physics papers were easy.
In the morning shift, except for one question from the capacitor, the other questions were average. Chapterwise, both papers were balanced.
Mainly JEE Main Topic like Semiconductor Communication, Logic Gates was covered. The coverage of gravitation and mechanics was also good. At the same time, less weightage was given to optics and electrostatics.


Maths paper in the morning shift was easy. Easy and formula-based questions came from topics such as Determinants, Quadratic Matrix, and 3D Vector.
Students’ math skills were also tested by questions like Integration AP & CA Limit, Continuity, and Relations. Maths paper was quite difficult in the evening shift. Due to high calculus, students took more time to solve the paper. Apart from this, the weightage of the 12th class syllabus was more in the evening shift.

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