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Paper Analysis – JEE Main 15 April Exam 2023

JEE-Main Completed, Maths Confused Even on the Last Day, Chemistry Easy

The country’s biggest engineering entrance examination being conducted by the National Testing Agency, JEE-Main April session examination has concluded with its last exam on 15 April. On the basis of students’ feedback and responses received on CSAT, it can be said that even on the seventh day on 15 April, Maths kept the students engaged while Chemistry was the easiest. After the release of the paper and recorded response by NTA, detailed analysis of paper will be done by expert faculties of ALLEN.

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As per the feedback received from the students, the paper was easy in the morning shift. Most of the questions were asked from the chapters of class 11th and 12th. Questions came from class 11th topics from Unit Dimension, Kinematics 1D and 2D, Elasticity, KTG, Laws of Thermodynamics, Fluid, SHM, Gravitation, and String Wave. Similarly, questions were asked from Class 12 topics like Geometrical Optics, Electrostatics, Capacitance, Current Electricity, MEC, EMI, Wave Optics, Modern Physics, Semiconductors, and Principles of Communication.


Chemistry paper was easy in the morning shift. Information-based and conceptual questions came in Inorganic Chemistry and most of the questions in Organic Chemistry were reaction based. While most of the questions of physical chemistry were seen in the numerical section. In Inorganic Chemistry, two questions were asked from Coordination Chemistry, one question each from Electronic Configuration, Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Metallurgy, and some other topics.

In Organic Chemistry, there was one question each from POC, and Chromatography, while three-four questions were related to Mix Reaction in which questions were asked from Polymer to Match the Column focusing on Aromatic Compounds, Ozonolysis, Hydrolysis, Grignard Reagent. Questions were asked from Physical Chemistry, Concentration of Solution, Liquid Solution, Chemical Kinetics, Redox Reaction, Thermodynamics, Ionic Equilibrium, and Electrochemistry.


In the morning shift, the paper was of moderate level as well as long. Eight-nine questions came from Algebra. In which Quadratic, Determinant, Matrix, P&C, Probability, Sequence Series, Complex Numbers, and Binomial Theorem were covered. Eight-nine questions also appeared in Calculus. In this questions were asked from Continuity, Derivability, Definite Integration, Differential Equation, and Area under Curve topics. Similarly, four questions came from Vector 3D. Which came from Straight Line, Circle, Parabola, and Ellipse topics. One question each came from Statistics, Relation, and Reasoning.

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