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Do’s & Don’ts for JEE Advanced 2023 Examination

JEE Advanced 2023 Examination is Scheduled to be Conducted on 4th June 2023, Sunday

Aspirants are often confused about the best approach to prepare for JEE Advanced. Some of the do’s & don’ts of JEE Advanced 2023 preparation are provided here to help them. Students should look over them to ensure they are on the proper road.

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Do’s of JEE Advanced 2023 Preparation

Studying Consistently

It won’t matter much how talented the candidates are or how good quality study notes they follow; if they do not study consistently, they have little chance of cracking this tough exam. So, you should make a habit of studying and practicing solving questions daily.

Giving Mock Tests

It’s very important to give mock tests regularly to assess your preparation. This habit will develop your time management skill, which is necessary to crack such a tough exam like JEE Advanced. You will also be able to analyze the mistakes you make in the mock tests and learn from them.

Sticking to a Schedule

Without a proper plan, you cannot progress in your preparation. You can check the routine of the toppers but do not follow them blindly. Make your own schedule as per your needs and lifestyle. Preparing a schedule is not enough. You should be careful about meeting the targets you set for yourself too.

Clearing the Basics First

If you do not follow this tip, no matter how many hours you devote to the preparation of JEE Advanced 2023, all your efforts will be wasted. All the complicated questions asked in this exam are based on simple fundamental concepts. Once you grasp the basic concepts well, you will be able to understand the difficult ones. For this purpose, the students can refer to the NCERTs.

Creating Revision Notes

You should keep making your own notes while studying. It will help you to understand a new concept better and remember it for a longer period of time. Many students waste their time by copying text from the book and creating a big, fat revision notebook which you must not do.

You should read a concept and write down what you understand, in short. You can draw or illustrate the topics for a more thorough understanding. Refer to these notes from time to time to revise the concepts fast.

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Don’ts of JEE Advanced 2023 Preparation

Reading too Many Reference Books

It is a myth that the more books you read, the better you perform in the exam. The reality is that the more reference books you read, the more confused you get. The same concept is written in different ways in different books. Also, you do not need to study from advanced-level books where the questions given are above the exam level.

Procrastinating the Study

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of a JEE Advanced aspirant that you should avoid at any cost. As per the toppers, cracking JEE Advanced exam is the result of consistent effort and not mere talent or guidance. Procrastinators do just the opposite. They put off doing their daily study targets, assignments, and home tasks purposefully out of laziness.

So, if you have this habit of keeping important work for later, be cautious from now, else this habit can ruin your preparation and, subsequently, your admission to your dream college.

Indulging in Television or Social Media

Spending too much time on television or social media will take away the valuable time that you could spend in preparation for the JEE Advanced 2022 exam. So, limit your T.V. and social media timings from today. Try to minimize this time as much as possible till the exam.

Following a Rigid Timetable

Do not make a rigid timetable that you cannot keep up with after a certain time. Your timetable should be flexible enough so that you can follow it even in challenging times like crises in the family or the pressure of class tests.

For example, do not create a timetable that forces you to study a particular subject at a particular time on a particular day. It is because you might need to study another subject that day. Failing to keep up with the timetable will make you demotivated. So, make a timetable that covers the syllabus of all the subjects but gives you enough flexibility to adjust it when needed.

These Simple yet Effective do’s, & don’ts of JEE Advanced 2023 are the crucial pointers to be followed. The exam is challenging, and students might require assistance and guidance from a top coaching institute like ALLEN. At ALLEN, We provide a full-fledged roadmap to the students to help them achieve their dreams.

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