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Kashish Cracks IIT To Brighten The Name Of Her Ailing Auto Driver Father & Watchman Grandpa

Kashish, A Resident Of Kansua in Kota, Cracked JEE Advanced 2023

Dreams are being realized in Shiksha ki Kashi-Kota. Here are families who are fighting against the circumstances while living with the passion. The children here are proving their journey from struggle to success by studying well. This is the story of Kota’s daughter Kashish who proved herself by fighting against all the circumstances.

Kashish Cracks IIT

She cracked the IIT entrance exam JEE Advanced 2023, which is one of the toughest and coveted exams in the country. Allen student Kashish will become the first IITian in her family. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the whole family due to her success. Kashish has secured Category Rank 1216 in JEE-Advanced and her category rank in JEE-Main was 5557.

Shop Closed Due To Online Work

Kashish told that “we are four sisters and I am the eldest”. Father Bhupendra earlier would work in a rented shop in the cantonment to collect mobile recharge and water-electricity bills, but he had to close the shop as all the work now is done online. About five years ago, he had taken an auto-rickshaw on loan to run the expenses of the family whose instalments he is still paying.

ALLEN DLP JEE Main + Advanced 2023-24

My grandfather Yash Raj is working hard to support the family even at the age of 85. He is a watchman. Mother Vandana also does sewing and embroidery work at home. Younger sister is in class 12th and two younger sisters are studying in school. The house is half kutcha & half pucca. I have passed class 10th with 95% and class 12th with 91% marks. After that she cracked JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

Father’s Condition Deteriorated Due To Brain Haemorrhage

Kashish told that father had taken the auto after closing the shop. Somehow the family was managing the livelihood. Father has high BP but he was so engrossed in financial constraints and family responsibilities that he did not take regular medicines. Last year on December 31, 2022, suddenly, his BP increased and brain vein bursted out leading to brain haemorrhage to him. Father stayed in the hospital for about one and a half months.

My elder aunt got him treated. It’s been six months today but Father is still not fully fit. He walks a few steps with support. Meanwhile, there was a fracture in the hand as well. There would be a little income which too stopped. Our aunt also lives with us, she runs a beauty parlour, through which she managed to make ends meet.

Father’s Operation in The Morning, Coaching in The Evening

Kashish told that The condition of the family is weak and I know this very well that it can be strengthened only by studying. Father’s health had worsened. Despite this, I did not stop going to ALLEN for JEE preparation. Along with taking care of father, I also had to prepare for the exam.

Father had an operation in the morning after brain haemorrhage and I had reached coaching the same day to study in the evening batch. Earlier, father used to come to drop and pick up coaching, but later I had to do all this.

ALLEN Helped

Kashish’s grandfather Yashraj told that the family’s insistence is to teach the children well. Kashish’s father is a graduate and mother is also a post graduate. All wanted to give good education to all the 4 children, so despite the situation, they taught us in a private school.

He also took loans from many people for the fees. Wanted to take admission in ALLEN for coaching so shared our financial condition with the Allen authorities after which ALLEN reduced the fees by half.

May Our Dream Come True

Kashish’s mother Vandana Kumari told that our family is living only for the education of the children. Before his illness, his father used to work very hard. However, he can’t walk properly now. I am very happy that Kashish has crossed a milestone. If Kashish makes a career, it will be good for the whole family.

That’s True Success

This is true success. The success of Kashish will bring good times for the whole family. It’s a big achievement that Kashish proved herself against all odds. Allen also takes pride in supporting the success of such children. – Dr.Naveen Maheshwari, Director, ALLEN Career Institute Pvt. Ltd.

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