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Know How to Avoid Scoring Negative Marks in the NEET 2022

NEET 2022 Exam will be held on 17th July

As the NEET 2022 Examination is approaching near, aspirants are both excited and anxious about the examination. Since there is a negative marking in the NEET 2022 examination, aspirants often lose important marks due to negative marking. NEET examination will be held on 17th July this year. Here are some tips to avert negative marking while attempting NEET 2022 examination.Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)

  • Read the examination paper carefully – The best practice for attempting any examination paper is to carefully read the examination papers and attempt the paper accordingly. Many aspirants get excited after finding questions of their ease and start attempting every question on the paper. Students should attempt the examination paper only after reading the examination paper properly so that they can score marks instead of negative marks.
  • Refrain from Overconfidence – After preparing for the NEET round the year, many aspirants get overconfident about taking the NEET examination. This attitude of getting overboard may hurt your chances of cracking NEET so keep your feet grounded while attempting the paper. Take the NEET examination with calmness and a proper frame of mind for success in NEET.
  • Don’t attempt doubtful questions – When students gain confidence after attempting the questions correctly, the greed for resolving the doubtful questions may land the aspirants in trouble. In order to increase the marks tally on the examination paper, many times a student tries to attempt the questions whose answers are not known to him. He tries to answer such questions as fluke which is unnecessary. Students should focus on only attempting the questions whose answers are known to them.
  • Fill the OMR sheet properly – It has been seen in the past that aspirants have attempted the questions properly but committed a mistake while filling the right choice in the OMR sheet. Many students incorrectly fill two answers or more than two answers to a question due to which they eventually lose out on marks even if one of the answers in the choice is correct. So carefully fill the OMR sheet.
  • Attempt comfortable questions first – Students should start taking the examination paper with those questions first whose answers are known to them. They should not wait till the end for answering the easy questions. Giving time on the tough questions first might kill your precious examination time so keep the tough questions for later to avoid negative marking.
  • Avoid panicking – It has been observed that aspirants start panicking after receiving the examination paper for simply not knowing the answers to some questions. In such situations, students lose the focus to take the examination paper and end up gaining negative marks for attempting the questions. So avoid panicking while attempting the paper.

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