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Postponed the operation for JEE MAIN-2018 Exam

Student of Allen Career Institute got his operation done after giving JEE Main exam and secured AIR-182

No one can stop if you have strong determination to achieve your goal. The path of success is never the same, it passes through many obstacles says Neelarayan Gupta; student of Allen Career Institute who secured AIR-182 in JEE MAIN-2018.Something similar happened to him.

Despite having an illness he postponed his operation to give JEE-Main examination and got the 182nd position at all India level. Neelarayan Gupta a classroom coaching student of Allen Career Institute, Chandigarh. Neil received 305 marks out of 360 and has given this year’s 12th standard examination.

About 20 days before the JEE MAIN, Neelarayan got to know that he is having a fistula. He had difficulty in continues sitting. Doctors of PGI Chandigarh examined him and suggested the operation after few days JEE Main exam was scheduled on 8th April. Neil decided to postpone this operation until JEE Main-2018 exam. He was in a severe pain but he had to bear it for his goal.

Doctors tried to reduce the pain through the preventive medicines. By taking painkillers, Neel studied for 8 to 10 hours a day. The zeal to achieve the goal did not reduce his confidence; this zeal gave him the strength to overcome the pain.

Neil has secured 21st rank in KVPY. Apart from this; he is a scholar in NTSE and RMO. He is a part of one percent IPHO National Topper. Father Shankar Gupta is a Real Estate Broker and Mother Renu Garg is a manager in Insurance Company.

Studied 8 to 10 hours a day

Neil had faith in his hard work. That’s why he got his operation done after giving JEE Mains exam, After the operation, it is not possible for the patient to sit for nearly a month. So he started to study laying down. In this situation, he is currently studying 8 to 10 hours per day. After giving JEE Advanced, Neel will go to Mumbai to participate Chemistry Camp.

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