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6 friends who studied together secured Ranks in Top 20 in JEE MAIN-2018

Being surrounded by good friends is a blessing in itself. Parth from Nanded, Bhaskar from Mumbai and Navneel of Delhi left the metro city and came to Kota to fulfil their dream. Karan also left Orissa and came to Kota. From the different directions in the country, they reached the education hub, Kota, with a goal. All of them took admission in Allen Career Institute for the preparation of ITT-JEE. Kota’s Lay and Yash also took admission in Allen Coaching for the same purpose.

All of them didn’t know each other before coming to Kota. When 6 people from different cultural and cities met in the same coaching classes, they studied together and became friends with each other too. Their friendship was such that all of them secured Ranks in Top 20 in  JEE-Main, the country’s largest engineering entrance exam.

Parth Laturia secured AIR- 3, Bhaskar Gupta on AIR-7, AIR 11 Navneel Singhal, Lay Jain on AIR 13, Karan Agarwalla AIR 16 and Yash Gupta AIR 19. Even now, the goal of these 6 friends is to top in JEE-Advanced and get admission in IIT Mumbai in computer science. These students have become friends like family.

When we had a word these students, They said along with excellent education system they got good friends in Kota. They used to study together and solve each other’s doubts this is the main reason for behind their performance. They used to learn many things during their discussions. Such an environment was created that there was positivity all around.

 Regarding this, Rajesh Maheshwari, Director of the Allen Career Institute, said that our objective is to give students the best environment. We want these students to have a feeling of home away from home, where they all study together. There is such a healthy competition that their talents are nurtured and they come out with flying colours.

Friendship with study

Karan said that this is possible only in the Kota, where there is a pool of talented students. Such talented students meet and make good friends with each other. We used to have discussions not only during studying but also during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here students get all kind of support.

Healthy competition

Partha and Navneel they studied together in Allen and got a positive energy. Not only this, we have a healthy competition among us. We try to get more numbers from each other in Tests and used to work hard for it.  We had a detailed discussion on each topic and used to ask questions in class.  We learned a lot from this.

Solved the questions during the discussion

Bhaskar said that even after our class, whenever we talk, the topic is related to physics, chemistry and maths. We discuss the questions and their solutions. Sometimes we got different solutions to a single question; in that case, we used to discuss the same with the faculties.

Entertainment along with studies

Parth told whenever anyone gets the time in the Allen class, we had fun. Karan said that once I tried to disturb Parth in studies. It did not happen, instead, he was angry. We all had to resolve the matter.   After that, we all celebrated it together and later laughed at the same. We learn from everything, from such incidents we learned patience, and to cooperate with each other. In such a situation there is both fun and seriousness.

Preparing for JEE-Advanced

Karan and Bhaskar said that JEE-Main scores and AIR is out now. Our target is JEE-Advanced. These days we are studying very hard. The exam is in the next few days. Our main aim is to perform better in JEE Advanced.

Allen role in the success

Yash and Bhaskar said that Allen Career Institute has played the main role in our success. The place where we all met and studied together. We were given such an environment here that we got continuously a positive energy. Faculties in Institute are always ready to help the students, also the students who come from different cities help each other.  Students in Kota get a platform to fulfil their dream. This is very well showcased in the recent JEE Main result.

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