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All You Need to Know about SPALLENTHON – An Online Spelling Bee Competition by ALLEN

“Language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow”, says, Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Language is a ubiquitous and distinctive ability that plays a central role in human discernment and social interaction. It is a proof about what we’re as a human. Language shapes our behaviour and leaves a good impression on another person. Sometimes, words just aren’t spelled the way they sound.  “Accommodate,” for example, is frequently misspelled as “acommodate” or “accomodate.” Understanding of relationship between written words and sounds is extremely important to translate your thoughts and ideas into coherent speech. The more thoroughly you know a word, the more likely you will be able to recognise it in unfamiliar texts, spell it and use it appropriately in your own speech. Being articulate gives people the impression of a brilliant, eloquent and cultured mind; it will make people more likely to listen to you and to respect your intelligence. If you just communicate, you can get by .But if you can communicate skilfully, you can get miracles.

ALLEN Pre –Nurture & Career Foundation Division brings you SPALLENTHON 2020 -An online Spelling Bee Competition by ALLEN, where participants are asked to identify the words and spell them out in different conditions with varying difficulty levels.  It is one of the best integration of imagination, education and fun along with a purpose.

So, are you a spelling enthusiast? Here, is a chance for you to showcase your spelling skills.

SPALLENTHON 2020 Schedule

SPALLENTHON 2020 will be conducted between 3rd and 16th August .The competition will be conducted separately for each class from 3rd to 10th.You can participate in SPALLENTHON by sitting at home via Zoom app webinar.


SPALLENTHON will be conducted in 2 stages :

Elimination Stage & Final Battle, these stages include different rounds. Total estimated duration of the competition will be 90 minutes.

There are two rounds for the Elimination stage, first round will be a “Survival of the Fastest” where first 15 scorers will be chosen and they will move to 2nd round of elimination which is “Pick of the Basket” and at the end of this round, top 5 scorers will move to the finale.

Final battle will include 2 rounds. Round 1 is a “Rapid Fire”, where different set of questions will be asked to every participant. Each correct answer will add plus point and each wrong answer will give minus marking. Next round is “Rise and Win” round where participants will see questions on the screen which will be of different types. This round will be like a buzzer round. Winners will get exciting prizes and certificates.

For more details, visit http://allen.ac.in/spellathon

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