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Students and their parents are marching back towards the Career City Kota

– With the possibility of Classroom Coaching starting soon, students are arriving at Kota

– Hostels and PGs are lighted up with students and their dreams  

– Even the lockdown couldn’t deter Kota from producing excellent results 

Fact File

  • 50,000 students were sent safely to their hometown during the lockdown
  • In the academic session 2019-20, 1.75 lakh students came to Kota
  • There are 8 thousand expert faculty in Kota
  • There are ten prominent coaching institutes
  • There are 50 small coaching institutes
  • Currently, there are more than 20 thousand students in Kota

The hopes of students yearning to study in Career City Kota have got new wings. With the Central Government authorizing the State Governments if they want they can start schools and coachings again after 15 October. Students and parents from across the country are hoping that the even Rajasthan Government will soon allow the commencement of classroom coaching in Kota. With this anticipation, students have started coming to Kota. There is a surge in the inquires regarding the admissions in regular classroom courses. Also, a lot of students and parents are coming to Kota and are visiting the institutions for taking direct admissions. Students who are persistent for their goals have already started studying, and they are staying in hostels and PGs.

Kota coaching is getting more strength and attention with the tremendous results that were announced recently. In JEE-Advanced 2020, Kota delivered magnificent results. Students who prepared from Kota were not only able to grab positions in the Top 10 but also in Top 5. Vaibhav Raj and R-Muhinder of Allen Career Institute secured AIR-3 and AIR-4, respectively. And a large number of Kota coaching students secured positions in the Top 100. Not just this, but the results of the Kota are also going to be much better in the country’s only medical entrance examination- NEET. Due to this, there is an eagerness and enthusiasm among the students to come to Kota for classroom coaching. Students are ready to follow the unlock guidelines while staying in Kota. Even parents believe that online learning is not as effective as the offline one. They say that there is no competition when it comes to classroom coaching, and they are ready to send their children to Kota. As with each passing day, the studies are undergoing loss, and they do not want to put their children’s future at stake.

Even the lockdown could not affect Kota’s outstanding results 

Despite the national lockdown imposed due to the global crisis caused by deadly Coronavirus. The results of the Kota coachings are not affected. As even during the lockdown, students were constantly guided by their institutes with the help of various social media platforms, public meeting platforms, and software. And the hard work that the institutes did during that period is now awarded with the transcendent results. In JEE Advanced 2020, 2 students secured a position in the top 10 and about 50 students in the top 100. Even the NEET 2020 Results that are yet to be announced, are expected to be very good.

Kota’s credibility strengthened during the Corona period

Kota has been a city that stands with its students no matter what. But the image of Kota has become even stronger when the pandemic hit India with its first wave. Kota was the only city in the country, which took care of its students in an unprecedented manner. During that time, around 50 thousand students were safely sent from Kota to their homes healthily and securely. Kota was committed to taking proper care of every student that was residing in the city. The coaching institutes of Kota, along with the district administration, the state government, and the central government worked hand-in-hand to make every possible effort for the smooth transfer of students to their respective states. Not only this, but there is one more record that was created during the Covid Times. For the first time in history, a special train facility was started exclusively for students. Thousands of students were sent from Kota to Jharkhand and Bihar via the special trains.

Kota sets a great example as the fastest-changing city

Kota’s coaching institutes are famous all over the country for their excellent classroom coaching and brilliant faculties. During the widespread coronavirus infection, the classrooms were looked, and the doors of the coachings were closed. To keep the students safe.

The doors are still closed, but Kota keeps its tradition of imparting quality education intact. The big institutes, including the Allen Career Institute, have set a record for the fastest transition from the classroom to online coaching during the period. During the lockdown, the faculty here at Kota continued teaching and mentoring students. They used to record lectures from home. This way, students from all over the country were able to receive their lectures, while being safe at their houses, and their studies were not affected. In such a shortest time, Kota coaching institutes successfully authenticated themselves in the world of online education.

Ready to welcome

Kota is prepared to embrace students. Also, students with their parents have started coming to the city. Even the process of admissions has started in the coaching institutes. Kota is enthusiastically welcoming students who have started coming to Kota to fulfill their dream of becoming IITians and Doctors.

You can spot students and their parents almost everywhere in the city. At railway stations, bus stands, hotels. Parents are coming here with their children so that they can give them the best opportunities and the best environment. Cause Kota has everything that a student needs.

More than 20 thousand students have arrived in Kota

The Covid lockdown period was very stressful. But as the JEE and NEET examinations ended and the results are declared. The number of students coming to Kota has started increasing. Currently, Kota has about 20 thousand students and their parents. Every day, students and parents from all over the country are coming to Kota via buses, trains, or their own vehicles for taking admissions.

A healthy National Level Competition

Students from almost every state of the country comes to Kota for the preparation of medical and engineering entrance examinations. And with each year, the number of students coming to Kota is increasing. ‘More the number of students, higher is the competition.’ One of the advantages of enrolling in coaching institutes of Kota is that students become a part of a healthy competitive environment. Cause every student here has to prove himself among a thousand others. Every coaching institutes conducts weekly tests, which helps students to evaluate their level of preparation. This way, students work on their weaknesses and prepare thoroughly to perform better in the next test.

Every facility that a student needs is available in the city / Kota is a student-friendly city

Kota is a city that brilliantly amalgamates every facility that a student needs. That’s is the reason why parents are relaxed and are able to leave their children here without any dilemma. One can find the facilities of hostels, PG, shopping malls, mess, various types of restaurants, hotels, hospitals within a radius of one kilometer of every coaching institute. Even mothers join their children in Kota to support them. The city welcomes everyone with open arms. There are apartments and houses for them to rent so that their stay here in Kota is comfortable.

Devesh Pandey, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
I hope my classes start soon

Uttar Pradesh government has issued guidelines for the opening of schools and coachings after October 15. But I am worried about my NEET preparations and my examinations. To fight such an examination I will have to study in a dedicated manner. And that kind of preparation can only be possible in a classroom coaching in Kota. There is no comparison to the interactions that happen in the classroom. That is why I have come to Kota. Hopefully, classes will start soon, and I will get the opportunity to study effectively.

– Devesh Pandey, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh

Online classes are not as effective as the offline ones
Akash Verma, Jhalawar

I get bored during my online studies and often lose interest in between my online lectures. With the increased competition, I fear that I would be left behind. So I have come to Kota to focus better and to experience the effectiveness of offline classes. I have also enrolled myself at Allen. I will be appearing in JEE next year, so I need offline classes for better preparations. My parents have also made arrangements for me in a hostel here.

– Akash Verma, Jhalawar

Students are here, the gates of coachings should be open soon 

After the unlock guidelines for schools and coachings issued by the Central Government authorizing the State Government to decide if they want to reopen the coaching classes after 15 October. Students and parents have started coming to Kota in the hope that the classes will commence soon. The hopes of students and parents are rising with each passing day. And it is expected that the state government will soon allow the classes to start.

– Shubham Agarwal, President, Chambal Hostel Association, Kota

Hostels are well prepared to follow the guidelines

We believe that the State Government will understand the request of students and parents, and will start the coaching classes soon. Students are willing to come back so that their academics are not compromised. Even the hostel owners in Kota are ready to take every precaution as per the guideline that the government will issue. And they are determined to follow the mandated instructions strictly.

– Sunil Aggarwal, President, Coral Park Hostel Association, Kota

Waiting for the state government to issue the unlock guidelines
Naveen Maheshwari, Director, Allen Career Institute

After the guidelines issued by the Central Government, everybody is anticipating for the much-awaited announcement by the State Government. As institutes will only open if the unlock guidelines are announced in the favor. Whatever the case be, the safety and health of students will be our priority. All the preparations and arrangements have been made for students’ safety if the government allows them to attend classes.

Students and parents are continually coming to us for admission. So till the time government does not give a green flag to conduct classes, we are educating students through our online classes and offering academic support digitally.

– Naveen Maheshwari, Director, Allen Career Institute

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