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Syllabus update of XII CBSE Physics for session 2022-23

Syllabus update of XII CBSE Physics for session-2022-23

As CBSE has released syllabus for session-2022-23 for XII, students are curious to know about changes & major features of this syllabus.
We were expecting that CBSE will add the deleted portion of syllabus for session 2022-23, but apart from that CBSE made some amendments also, which are worth noting.”

Major deletions:

    • Potentiometer is totally removed from theory as well as practical.
    • Cyclotron is not included.
    • Electromagnets and their applications are not included.
    • Scattering and its applications- blue colour of sky and reddish appearance of Sun at sunrise and sunset are excluded.
    • Resolving powers of telescope and microscope along with polarization & Malus law are kept excluded.
    • Radioactivity along with mean life & half-life remain excluded.
    • Optoelectronic devices- photo diode, LED & solar cell are removed, as well as Zener diode, transistor & logic gates are not included.


Allen Admission

Special features Additions:

  • Some of the derivations are replaced by direct formula application, such as:

    •  Expression for energy stored by capacitor.
    •  Expression for fringe width in YDSE.
  • Quantitative (numerical) treatments are replaced by qualitative treatments:

    • Magnetic field due to solenoid.
    • Solenoid as bar magnet.
    • Magnetic dipole derivations.
    • Transverse nature of EMW
    • Width of central maxima in diffraction pattern
    • Hydrogen line spectra
    • Semiconductors & insulators 
  • Changes in practical syllabus:

    • Two practical’s, to find focal lengths for concave & convex mirrors are added back.
    • One more practical is added: to find refractive index of a liquid using concave mirror.



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