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The Secret Factors for Strong MOCK Practice of JEE and NEET 2021

With the National Entrance Exams approaching, students across the nation are trying to figure out the best preparation strategy to hit the bull’s eye.

Here we’ll shine the spotlight on the study tool that is dedicated to increasing your competitive preparedness- Mock Test Practice. And also walk you through the process which will make these mock tests your new best exam-buddy.

Mock Tests for JEE & NEET 2021 play an important role in strengthening the overall preparation to achieve a high All India Rank in the final exam.

Mock Tests are an integral part of your preparation because they tell you about your preparation level and areas that need your attention. They help you by allowing you to revise the syllabus well before the real examinations. They build up your confidence and provide an opportunity to perform in the simulated setting of the actual exam. The mock practice is essential for every competitive exam preparation, irrespective of the stream. You will not be able to score wonderfully in the exam if you haven’t given an adequate amount of mock practice papers. To increase your score, you will have to give mock practice before the final exam.

At Allen Career Institute, all the students are adequately guided for Mock Test practice and are imparted with the essential factors which are critical for scoring high in the exam. The mock practice is regularly conducted for both JEE and NEET aspirants studying at all ALLEN centres.

“Discipline and Strong dedication is required, along with Knowledge and Strategy for any success.” 

Two things are equally important for a high success rate- Knowledge Learning and Knowledge Application Strategy. Just gaining the knowledge will not show you the way to the zenith; you will have to strategize your way to the top. Same way, just attempting the mock practice tests will not guarantee success; you need to strengthen the practice.

Critical Secrets to Strengthen Your Mock Practice 

Mock practice does not only mean sitting for three hours and attempting the paper; it definitely involves a time-bound approach along with other things if you want to increase your efficiency. So if one wants to increase his/her efficiency, then one should focus on the critical factors for Strong Mock Practice:

1. Energy Level 

Your Energy level should be high when you are about to perform in your final exam. So do not exhaust your energy level by attempting ample mock papers just before the exam.

If you are planning to give/giving mock tests daily after the completion of your syllabus, then it is a very bad practice- giving mock tests daily before the exam will exhaust your energy level.

The time just before the exam is the time to recollect your energy and to relax. So you can attempt the final exam with a recharged and refreshed mind.

The frequency of mock tests

Under any circumstance, do not attempt more than two mock tests in one week. Use the remaining days to analyze your preparation level and work on your weaknesses. Remember to recollect your energy before attempt any mock exam.

2. Mental Peace

Every student should be at peace before he/ she enters the examination hall or even attempts a mock test paper. Take a minimum of 8 hours of sleep two nights before you are about to appear in the exam.

If you want to maximize your time learning, you must sleep. Researches have consistently shown that taking proper sleep before an exam will benefit your test score. Skip “All-nighters” and work on your already sleep-deprived schedule.

3. High Confidence 

Never be afraid before attempting any exam. Keep the negativity aside and try solving the paper with utmost sincerity and keep your morale high.

Remember, if you score well in a mock paper- that means your preparation strategy is up to the mark. And if you score less- even that is a good sign- that means you will now be able to recognize your weaknesses and will get a chance to work on them. Analyze where you went wrong with your preparation, and put all your energy towards making it right.

Be energetic, empower your knowledge, and analyze better to achieve your goal!! 

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