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The Secrets of Becoming a JEE Main 2022 Topper – Sneha Pareek

The Success Mantra of JEE Main 2022 AIR-2 Ranker

Allen Student, Sneha Pareek has once again proved herself by securing All India Rank-2 in the JEE Main 2022. The success tale of Sneha Pareek is inspirational and JEE aspirants want to know the secret of her success. In a candid interview with the Vice-President, Allen Career Institute, Jeevan Jyoti Agarwal Sir, Sneha revealed her success Mantra

Allen Scholarship Admission Test (ASAT)

Achieved success despite being an Average student

Sneha has shattered the myth that only a child prodigy can become a Topper in JEE Main examination. Sneha was undoubtedly a good student but not as distinguished as expected from a Topper. She said that she was just an average student initially but she achieved success by doing regular studies and focusing on the JEE preparation. Teachers’ support was also crucial in my studies who encouraged me and helped me in clearing my study-related doubts. I prepared for JEE with 100% commitment over the last 2 years.

Did not expect to clinch AIR-2 in JEE Main 2022

I never anticipated the final results and getting AIR-2 in JEE Main was a distant dream for me. In the last 2 years of preparation for JEE Main 2022, I wanted to crack JEE Main with flying colors but was not sure whether I would grab such a big success or not. “Forget about AIR-2, I never thought of even making it into the Top-100 AIR Ranks in JEE Main”, she said.

Considered the preparatory tests as a medium of analyzing self-preparation

I never bothered about the marks and ranks in the preparatory tests and considered such tests as the medium of analyzing self-preparation for improvement. I myself received fewer marks in the preparatory tests but was not affected by such marks as my aim was bigger.

ALLEN Sneha Pareek Secures AIR-2Girl students have an immense passion for JEE

Sneha has emerged as an inspiration for the girl students as usually girl aspirants are less in JEE. When girls with more passion for cracking JEE will take JEE Main examination then the number of girl aspirants will also increase in JEE.

Tips for Maths Preparation

Aspirants of JEE Main should do a thorough revision of Mathematics. Students should practice formula-based questions of complex numbers and probability in mathematics. I used to make class notes and solve modules for the preparation of mathematics. Question practice is necessary for maths. Concept comprehension is important for scoring marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

Daily Routine of Sneha

I would wake up at 4 am and do a revision of class notes. Later I would go to Allen where I used to spend 12 hours daily. I used to stay at Allen even after the classes for clearing doubts from teachers. I would study for 1 hour at home and go to bed at around 9.30 pm as I believe in going early to bed and early to rise.

How to deal with exam pressure

When I would get low marks on the tests I would get motivation from my family. I tried to stay away from distractions like social media and never thought about any distractions.

Tips to study Chemistry

Physics gets prepared like Mathematics but more focus is required in chemistry. Study Inorganic chemistry from NCERT while prepare for organic chemistry with short notes. “If we write all the reactions in an organized manner in organic chemistry, it helps in memorizing all the reactions which in turn helps in solving the questions easily”, she said. Class Notes and Question-solving strategy is a must for Physics and Maths.

Study material of Allen proved crucial

I studied from the study material for JEE Main and used a reference book only for Physics. I studied the reference book of HC Verma in Physics as most questions in Physics in JEE Main come from it.

Do not avoid Sleep

Sneha says that there is no need to avoid sleep and students should take minimum required sleep of at least 7 hours daily. While less sleep is harmful, excess sleep is also not helpful either.

Dream of Sneha

Sneha has a dream of working in the field of technology. She believes that the reach of technology should be increased for the benefit of society.

Lifestyle during JEE preparation

I did Yoga at home and ate only healthy home-cooked food instead of Junk food. Students should avoid junk foods and should eat only once a week if they have a huge craving for junk foods.

JEE Advanced Strategy

Attempt more and more mock tests before JEE Advanced 2022. Focus on conceptual studies. Revise weak chapters of the subjects. Practice previous years’ question papers.

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