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The Wise Decision of Starting JEE/NEET Preparation from 9th/10th Class

 “The sooner you begin, the better you achieve” is the perfect tagline for IIT-JEE and NEET-UG Preparation. 


 Indeed there is no fixed timeline for achieving success, but starting early definitely gives an edge and serves as an excellent gauge for aspirants. There is no magic bullet to ensure success in career terms. Still, researches show that early indulgence in education is a compelling means to promote continued success in academics, the workplace, and social and civic realms.


We advocate that students who wish to be a part of the JEE and NEET competition must begin indulging with the books, methods, and techniques from the 9th standard itself without delaying the commencement to the 11th standard. 

What happens when you get enlightened at the right time and start preparing from Class 9th 


After you finish your 8th standard, you enter the popular experiment time, and often the first time, students crack open a competitive exam prep book. Now what’s important for younger students to realize is that starting test prep early in 9th or 10th standard can help students have the best chance of cracking their Target Examination. 


The competitive exam prep depends on a lot of factors. It varies from student to student and is based on individual test goals, college preference goals, academic priorities, and extracurricular commitments, to name a few. Every student is unique, and every student is different. Still, it is suitable for students to get started on their test (JEE/NEET) preparation early – even if it’s just becoming more familiar with the test, syllabus, and test level. Paying proper attention in the class, keeping a balanced routine, timely finishing homework- are the essential elements of the academic cycle when in class 9th and 10th.


You can go easy on yourself in the initial years (9th and 10th standard) so that you do not feel exhausted. It would be best if you focused on retaining the knowledge you gain and on understanding the system, the schedule. In other words, you must seep in and understand how the coaching system works so that when you enter your 11th standard, you are in a position that you get into the hard work without sweating about getting comfortable with the system. 


An answer for those who say that they will start in 11th and definitely ace:


Being Confident is one thing and being overconfident is another; we would suggest that students stick to being confident but also thoughtful and realistic. The most common issue that students face when they start in class 11th is- that they take the initial months to settle in the coaching environment and coaching system. While settling, they tend to miss on their regular academic upgrading, which results in a high stress, and the tough decision of dropping out is also taken by a few students. 


Starting Early Allows for Better Planning


There is a lot of planning and patience that goes into preparing for NEET and JEE. Starting early from class 9th and 10th allows for ample time to determine your best-fit study routine, evaluate improvement areas, and plan a preparation schedule accordingly. Class 9th is a good starting point to assess your strengths and weaknesses and to help forecast how much effort may be required in the time to come. The key is not to lose focus and stick to the goal.


 Starting Early takes the Pressure Off You


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