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Want to Crack JEE (Main)? Follow these Last 10 Days Preparation Tips

As soon as the countdown begins for any destination or goal, people start getting bouts of anxiety and tension. You, at the young stage of life are more prone to this and sometimes break down under pressure which negatively affects your performance. Therefore, to avoid all such kinds of consequences, there are certain things that you can follow during the last period of your JEE Main entrance exam.

The first thing is to avoid anxiety. But how?

You may say, we don’t stress or become anxious deliberately, it just happens. Agreed, it happens but it is always, more or less the consequence of our own doing. It becomes easier to control if we have had good year long preparation. Otherwise, we have to put in some extra & cautious efforts to overpower it. The deliberate way to do it is to have a sound sleep of about 8-9 hours which relaxes both your brain and body, brings you in a composed state and increases focus and receptive powers of your brain manifold.

Apart from these basic things, you should take some practice tests in order to revise the complete syllabus.

Practice 7-8 tests regularly and try to finish them 4-5 days before the final exam. You should bank more on sample papers and mock tests than Previous Years’ JEE Main Papers because PYPs, especially at the eleventh hour, can develop fake confidence as you might have already faced them some or the other way all through the year, and thus ultimately harm you. It is advisable that you avoid tough test series as poor results in them may dishearten you and hamper your output in the final exam.

Lots of free and low-cost material is available and can easily be accessed on different sites so instead of wasting lots of money on several question papers and material, you should stick to some chosen few with the help of your teachers. After attempting each paper, you should analyse it, find out mistakes so as not to repeat them in the final exam.

Focus only on the limited theory part where you have committed mistakes in the past and where your wish to improve. Going through the whole theory is neither essential nor advisable. Some students think practice tests to be wastage of time and prefer self-study to it but it is a well-researched-upon and proven fact that practicing test papers works better than just studying theory. Moreover, if you have collected the problems you faced all through the year, it is the perfect time to go through them and strengthen yourself. It will save you from losing direction and help you converge the knowledge you amassed throughout the year. Short notes also help a lot in the last time but if you haven’t prepared any short notes or if they are incomplete, switch to NCERT, go through the highlighted points or highlight your weak points so that you can revise them in the last 2 days.

The study of toppers suggests that they generously help other students and share their knowledge. Such an attitude creates positivity and makes you feel more confident and relaxed. Those who believe in luck and take everything for granted should understand that luck doesn’t work unless you put in sufficient amount of hard work.

To conclude, it can be said that in the last two days anxiety level stays quite high so you should focus on keeping yourself relaxed. In the last one or two days you should not put any extra pressure on your mind rather you should stop taking tests and studying anything new. Align and adjust your biological clock and brain as per the time slot of your exam by sleeping and waking up at a proper time and taking tests as per the scheduled slot. It will help you to use your brain with high efficiency.

Another important thing is not to lose your cool in the first 15 minutes of your exam, it will help you recall all you have studied and allow you to use it to your maximum benefit.

Now you are almost there.

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