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JEE Main 2020 – Last 7 days Plan, Most effective strategy for Last one Week

Most of you reading this article would be going through chills in your spine as the examination that you had been working for is now almost here. And most importantly all the hard work that you have put in is now going to result in it.

JEE main examination happens to be a gateway to the most prestigious colleges in India. Here we are with a few success mantras that our experts have formulated that will definitely help you in sailing the journey with flying colours.


Sleeping Pattern

Many studies have proven a link between studying and sleeping patterns. Not sleeping well has an impact worse than you think; it will increase your anxiety level, give you a lethargic feeling, and decrease your concentration level.

During the last days before your examination, it is certain that you will be studying a lot. But if you do not have a proper sleeping pattern then psychologically you will be studying a lot but your retention ability will certainly be low. Make sure to wake up early in the morning and avoid sleeping in the afternoon, this routine will automatically make you fall off to sleep early at night.

Remember, to sleep well the night prior to your examination, as it will help you in controlling your anxiety and avoiding silly mistakes.

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As mentioned in the previous blog, it is very important to practice the sample papers as it will be very effective on the day of examination. Try practicing the sample papers at the same time frame allotted to you for the examination.

Now, many students might think of doing the previous years’ questions, but it can make you overconfident as it might be easier for you to solve them as you would have practiced it previously. So do not waste your time practicing paper that is made on a tough level, since the JEE Main paper isn’t that tough. Going through this drill of practicing papers is the best way to rectify your mistakes and moreover a great way for revising.

Y/M- Year-long Mistakes

Most of you would have been studying for this paper for the past 2 years and you would have given an infinite number of practice papers. So make sure to go through them and analyse your mistake. Mark all the questions where you have made mistakes. As going through them will help you in revising your weaker section and boost your confidence level.

If you are a student studying in class 10th or 11th make it a habit to mark all these mistakes and compile them as they are a great way of revising.

 S/N – Short Notes

If you are a student who always made it a point to make short notes, you are a step ahead in this competition. Going through short notes is the best way to revise. But if you haven’t made short notes then refer to the NCERT and revise al the section that you are weak at.

Last but not the least, share these tips and tricks with as many people as you wish to because when you share you feel contented and thus, in turn, this will bring peace to your mind. And this peace at this point in time is a necessity.

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Now, buckle up and finish what you started in the best way possible.

Best of luck!!!

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