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Follow these instructions to succeed in JEE & NEET exam (Do’s and Don’ts)

The major national scholastic examinations such as JEE Main, NEET, 10th and 12th board examinations are right around the corner, we are sure most of you are experiencing a high adrenaline rush. And this anxiety can only be curbed if our mind and body are in a healthy and a comforting zone and which is only possible if one’s lifestyle is correct.

Every aspirant appearing for JEE or NEET has put in their heart and soul in order to excel in them and fulfill their dream. These examinations are not only India’s most eminent examination but rather a gateway to the colleges that are a dream for many. But unfortunately, many students are unable to perform well and all their efforts tend to go down the drain. And this poor performance is majorly due to:

  • When the child sees the paper they blank out and are unable to recall the answers
  • Many students tend to waste their time on a few questions. And in the end, they are left with a very short amount of time to solve the rest of the paper.


But here we are to your rescue. The followings strategies will make you feel a difference in a span of 15 days and if you are appearing for NEET-UG or JEE Advanced, these tips will definitely be a saviour.

Diet: Your parents & teachers would have always asked you to have a balanced diet and avoid junk food and this is simply because they want to be a healthy and fit person. The human body is entirely based on biological processes and to balance this process, a well-planned diet is always beneficial. But what matters more than a balanced diet is the hour in which the food is consumed.

  • As soon as you wake up have Detox water. You can always find a recipe of your choice for detox water on the internet. Trust us they are the simplest thing to make. The detox drink helps in flushing out all the toxins and recharges the body.
  • In the day time, make sure to have as many vegetables & fruits as possible. As they provide us with all the essential minerals and give us the energy for the entire day. In the day time avoid having carbohydrates (Rice & chapatti) as they are heavy and will make you feel sleepy and lethargic. Also, avoid having canned juices as they are high on sugar and are likely to disturb your sleeping pattern.
  • Make sure to have your dinner 2 hrs prior to your bedtime. For your dinner, you must have carbohydrates, because as soon as they begin to digest you will start feeling sleepy. Avoid having fats and oily food.


Body posture: Now that the winter season is approaching, most of you would be taking out your quilts. But make sure you do not cover yourself with a quilt and study as it is likely to take away your concentration level. So, sit on a table and chair and study so that it maintains the same body posture that you will need in the examination. Sitting straight on a chair helps in keeping your mind and body fresh and most importantly it will help you in revising things in a faster and efficient way.

Your body posture is very essential for keeping your mind active, so keep your quilts away and work as much as you can on your posture. Study in a way that is similar to the examination setting, as it will help you in keeping the discomfort away and you can focus on the paper when the examination is taking place.


Avoid using cell phones: Avoid using your cell phone as much as possible as it is not only distracting but also the radiations it emits is very harmful for the mind. At present many students waste their time on the mobile phone and this can distract them from their own goal. This time is very crucial and can be life-changing and we are sure you don’t want to see it drowning.

Try including the above mentioned strategy in your lifestyle and trust us on this, they could be life-changing. These tips are have been curated after a lot of research so we assure you it’s worth trying. Wishing luck to all our young minds and we hope that your hard work pays off.


Your success is nothing but a reflection of all the small efforts that are repeated every day.

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