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Correct method of resolving JEE & NEET academic doubts.


When it comes to academic preparation for JEE and NEET & other entrance exams, doubts are an inevitable part. But there is an effective way to solve them permanently.

The dilemma of every student – even after getting my doubts solved, the same doubt keeps rising again and again. When my teacher explains it, I easily understand it, but after a few days, the understanding fades.

Now the question is, why does it keep happening? It is because the way you get the doubts solved is incomplete and inadequate. But don’t worry, there is a way that you can keep the doubt from recurring.

We totally understand this concern, so we are decoding the best way; you can solve your doubt and convert that doubt into confidence. 

Step 1: While practicing a question or studying a theory topic, you might get stuck. The first thing you should do is mark that doubt. Second, if it’s a practical question, try solving it in every possible way you can think of. Always remember, solve that question in n number of ways, but solve it in one place – Why you should do this will be answered in the following steps. If the doubt is theoretical, try rereading it, comprehending it. Go to your class notes and tally, open your other modules for an explanation.

Step 2: There may be a high possibility that the doubt might get resolved with all the efforts you put. But there are also chances that the doubt might persist. You might have a question now – is all that time I used in solving the doubt a waste? No, it is never a waste. Look at all the ways you tried solving it. You will gain a better understanding of how things don’t work and know the methods that you shouldn’t use in the future.

Step 3: Discuss with your teachers. Take the notebook or paper that contains the question and all your solutions. Calmly, sit with your teacher and ask them to look at each solution/variation and explain to you why they didn’t work. This process will be very insightful for you. After understanding why they didn’t work, ask them to tell you the correct way. There is a huge, huge possibility that you might be very near to the answer in one of your attempts. If we talk about theoretical doubt, write the explanation by your teacher, there itself, next to the lines that were a little hard to understand.

Step 4: Write down the correct answer below your attempts for future references. Always keep all your doubts, attempts, and correct solutions together. The mistake that you were making will permanently be corrected if these steps are followed. Please pick them up from time to time to strengthen those questions and topics.

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Voila! you will never be confused with the same doubt again

The more the doubts, the better your concepts get!!

Yes, the above statement is true. Don’t self-doubt yourself if you have doubts while preparing. They come part and parcel with every preparation. Let’s look at the brighter side; a doubt arises only when you cover a topic keenly.

Discussing doubts every day can keep failure at bay!

When in doubt, discuss with your friends, compare notes with them, try listening to their version. All these exercises are going to make you even more confident about your preparation.

The doubts you once had should away be a part of your revision strategy 

Preserve your doubts, and use them at the time of the revision, as your perfect revision is incomplete without them.

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