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The Key to success in Neet-ug 2020. Tips to avoid negative marking in NEET

neet ug 2020 success mantra and tips

Every student puts his best to qualify the competitive exams like NEET-UG. But, unfortunately in the last few months, the candidates find themselves in a very confused and a tricky state. This state is a result of either the worry that occurs due to negative marking or lack of self-motivation. An aspirant should always keep it in mind that negative marking, as well as lack of self-motivation, can always be tackled if we take appropriate measures.

So let’s have a look at the solutions of the above-mentioned issues:

*NOTE: The following tips are only applicable for the students appearing for NEET 2020

Avoid negative marking in Neet:

According to the marking scheme of NEET, for every correct response 4 marks are offered whereas for every incorrect answer 1 mark is deducted. All the students appearing for NEET’20 should follow the below-mentioned tips to efficiently tackle the marking scheme.

OMR Filling: Many students end up losing marks due to the OMR filling. In a state of panic the student mark the wrong answers in the OMR. So to avoid this mistake a student must take copies of the OMR sheet from their coaching institute and practice it on a daily basis. This everyday practice will help in avoiding the errors on the main day of examination.

Silly Mistake: There are various reasons as to why a person commits silly mistakes, so to avoid these mistakes make sure you

  1. Are careful about the calculations in your biology sections.
  2. Work on your concentration level, while reading a module underline the part where you commit mistakes

Question Paper: Be extremely careful about the language of the question paper such as- Not Correct/ Not Incorrect. Make sure you read the options well as it is about finding the best/more correct options.

Air Problem: There might be possibilities that some questions are crafted in a way that it gives the students difficulty in understanding. While practising make sure you mark these questions, and clarify them with your teacher and note them down in your notebook.

Practicing Is The Key: Practice as many papers as possible, as practice makes a man perfect. Solve a paper in complete solitary. After solving, do a self-analysis and see in what all areas you have errors.

Self-Motivation for NEET

Motivation is more important than you think and no one can motivate you as much as you can motivate yourself. And as your exams are approaching, self-motivation plays a very vital role in helping you perform better and keeping the stress level low.

So here are the secrets for self- motivation

  • First and foremost stay positive and compete with yourself rather than competing with others as you are your biggest competitor
  • Never let your morale down due to poor performance. Be passionate about doing better each time. So keep practising as you never know one day you will find yourself on the top.
  • As a NEET aspirant, remember that you just need to fix 1 seat. And whether you are AIR-1 or AIR-50, it doesn’t really matter as you can end up in the same college.
  • Study properly every day and with all the focus that you have and don’t bother about the difficulty level and the result of the examination.

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Lastly, make every day count in achieving your goal. Always keep yourself motivated and keep your confidence and morale high.


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