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Best Strategy for students moving from class 11 to 12 for JEE/NEET 2023

Overview of next class is key to success in JEE NEET preparation

Aspirants of NEET/JEE studying in classes 8 to 11 should overview the next class to stay ahead in the race of the competitive examinations.

The strategy to prepare next class early may be crucial for the students of class 11 but it is equally important for the students of classes 8 to 10 as well since they will also study class 11 someday and will fight competitive examinations.

How to prepare for JEE/NEET 2023

Talking about class 11, a stage comes in December/January when the course of class 11 comes to the verge of completion, and aspirants of JEE/NEET in class 11 have the option of studying class 12 early in either January or April month.

If the students complete their current class early and start advanced studies of the next class, then they become part of the NEET/JEET competition early.

Class 11 is an important juncture since the volume, of course, gets many times detailed in-depth and width in class 11 and class 12 than class 10 so class 11 offers a kind of a jerk to its students. A lot of the time of the class 11 students goes into understanding the variation in class 11 from class 10 and understanding the fundamentals of NEET/IIT-JEE while preparing for these competitive examinations.

By the end of December and January, the class 11 students understand what is needed precisely for JEE/NEET preparation.

Pre-Prepare Yourself for Success in JEE/NEET

It is necessary for the JEE/NEET aspirants to Pre-Prepare themselves. Since the majority course gets completed by December-January, aspirants should overview class 12 early.
Students should take an overview of their next class in the current class. For example, if a student is studying in class 8, he should start reading class 9 courses along with class 8, which is also applicable for classes 9 and 10. Such an overview is most important for class 11 students since they will appear for JEE/NEET in 2023.

Even if students make such an overview study of the next class for nearly 15 minutes to 30 minutes daily, they will be better prepared for the next class. No additional time will be required in understanding class 12 courses if students make an overview of the books of class 12 in class 11. A review of the next class is necessary to become part of the race early.

Pre-preparation and overview of the next class make students’ mindset in sync with the next class. The pre-preparation of the next classes also adds to the resources of the students in studying next class.

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