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NEET 2021 Tips: Importance of Following a Daily Routine & Schedule for Improved Results

Importance of Proper Daily Routine & Schedule for Improved Results in NEET Exam

As students, you may have heard many times from your mentor, faculty, family members, and well-wishers that forming a daily routine goes a long way in defining your success.

A routine helps in providing you with structure and discipline in life. Right from waking up at a specific time to going back to bed at the end of the day; every activity of yours should be planned as per a proper schedule and routine.

You may not realize but forming a routine helps you in all walks of life. Failing to adhere to a schedule often causes stress, anxiety, and edginess which eventually deprive you from achieving your targets.

With the right schedule and daily routine, you get to:

  • Be more efficient & productive
  • Complete all tasks before time
  • Form a proper structure in life
  • Save time & resources
  • Develop good habits for future success
  • Overcome bad habits
  • Overrule procrastination
  • Stay safe from stress and anxiety
  • Build self-confidence & momentum
  • Achieve desired goals

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To reap all the above-mentioned benefits, it is important that you bring daily routine into consistent practice. For your NEET-UG 2021 exam also, this daily routine will prove to be of great help. To ensure success in the impending exam, you must make your daily routine similar to the one you’ll have on the exam day.  When forming your daily routine, consider the following:

  1. Take proper diet & eat at the right time. Plan your daily meals to make sure that you are eating healthy and are not depriving your body of essential nutrients. There should be no compromise with health.
  2. With proper food, adequate sleep is also crucial. Monitor your sleep time and follow a set time-table for sleep. Being sleep-deprive can affect the functioning of your brain. For proper brain health, you should sleep at the scheduled time.
  3. Study time-table should be made to make the best use of the available time.
  4. Along with studies, also have time for yoga, meditation, and pranayama. Yoga strengthens both your body and mind. Meditation helps you build concentration power that further aids in keeping up your focus when solving the questions in the exam. With Pranayama /deep-breathing exercises, you get to keep the negativity at bay and develop more positivity to deal with adverse situations.

When studying with a proper routine and schedule, you must ensure not to think a lot about selection. Don’t stress too much about selection as it will depend on how you perform today. So, your entire focus should be on making your present good; future will be shaped as per the actions you take in present.

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Dr. Gaurav Maheshwari

Medical Core Team, ALLEN

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