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Paper Analysis – JEE Main Exam 11 April 2023

Physics Was the Easiest, Maths Was Long

Tuesday was the fourth day of the JEE Main April session 2023, the country’s biggest engineering entrance exam being conducted by the National Testing Agency. on the basis of students’ feedback and responses received on CSAT, it can be said that on the fourth day, the Physics paper was the easiest while Maths paper confused the students a lot. However, there was no change in the paper pattern as well. All the three subjects had statement type questions.

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The morning shift paper was easy. Most of the questions were formula based. The calculation in the questions was also easy. Some questions were statement based. Almost equal number of questions were asked from class 11th and 12th. NCERT based statement based questions were asked on Unit Dimensions from class 11th topics. Velocity time graph based question came in Kinematics.

A question related to speed came from Projectile Motion. The question of friction plus circular was asked in combination. Integration based work done was asked in WPE. One question each from Gravitation, COM, Rotation, Elasticity, Calorimetry, SHM, and String wave was asked. One question was asked from class 12th topics related to Ray Optics related to power of lens. In electrostatics, there was a question on force balancing on point like charges. Questions related to Electricity, Capacitance, EMI and AC were asked. There was also a question on magnetic properties. Two-three questions came from Modern Physics. Questions came on radioactivity and photoelectricity. One question each was asked on semiconductor and communication.

The paper was easy and formula based in the 2nd shift. Questions were covered from all the topics. Questions were asked from class 11th topics from UD, Vector, NLM, Kinetics, WPE, Rotation, Elasticity, KTG, Thermodynamics, Fluid and Gravitation. Questions were asked from Class 12th topics from Geometrical Optics, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Capacitance, MEC, MI and EM Wave. In modern physics, Bohr model, Dibogli wave length, density of nuclear based questions came. Questions related to Semi Conductor and Principal of Communication were asked.

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In the morning shift, the paper was moderate to difficult. In which some questions were also big. In Inorganic Chemistry, questions were asked from Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Coordination, Metallurgy, Salt Analysis, P-Block, Hydrogen, and Environmental Chemistry. In Organic Chemistry, questions were asked from GOC, Carbonyl-Compound, Oxidation, Reduction, Name reaction, Aromatic compound, and Polymer. In physical chemistry, questions were also asked from mole concept, concentration of solution, ideal gas, solid state, liquid solution, electrochemistry, and surface chemistry.

Paper 2 was easy. In which some questions were statement type numerical. In Inorganic Chemistry, questions related to number of lone pairs in chemical bonds, stability of hydrides, colors of complexes, metallurgy, s-block, p-block, environmental chemistry were asked. In Organic Chemistry, questions related to Wolff-Kishner reduction, action of aromatic compounds with various reagents, determination of number of isomers, polymers, POCs, halogen derivatives, carboxylic acids and biomolecules were asked. In Physical Chemistry, questions related to mole concept, stoichiometry calculation, ideal gas, atomic structure, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, surface chemistry, chemical equilibrium, liquid solution, and chemical kinetics were asked.


In the morning shift, the maths paper was lengthy as well as difficult with calculation. 10 questions were asked from Algebra in which Quadratic, Sequence and Progression, Permutation-Combination, Binomial Theorem, Probability, Metrics, and Determinant topics were covered. Eight questions came from Calculus in which questions were asked from Continuity, Differential Equations, Definite Integration, Area under the Curve, and Application of Derivatives topics.

Three questions were asked from Coordinate Geometry. Which came from Straight Line, Circle, and Ellipse topics. 3-4 questions were asked from Vector & 3D. One question each came from Complex numbers and Trigonometry equations. One question each was asked from the topics of JEE Main 2023, Mathematical Reasoning, Statistics, and Sets and Relations. The overall Mathematics paper was of moderate to difficult level. The calculation was too much.

In the evening shift, Maths paper was moderate and long. The difficulty level scale was 3 out of 5. 11 questions were asked from Algebra. In which questions were asked from Quadratic, Sequence and Series, Binomial Theorem, P&C, Probability, and Determinant topics. Two questions came from Coordinate Geometry and both were from the Conic section. Seven-eight questions came from Calculus. In which functions, continuity and differentiability, definite integration, and area under the curve topics were covered. Four-five questions came from Vector and 3D. There were two questions from Complex Numbers and one question each from Statics and Reasoning.

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