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Preparation tips for Class X Board appeared students during Corona Virus Outbreak

The lockdown due to outbreak of Corona Virus in the country has created an environment of confusion and stress among the students and their parents. In such a situation students are constantly trying to do something productive while staying at home. On the other hand, the institutes are trying their best to provide the students online help to prepare for the upcoming exams by introducing various test series and solving doubts through online mode.

At this stage, it is important for the students who have appeared in Class 10th Board to stay focused as right know they will find themselves directionless and confused to plan their further studies. They should follow the instructions given by their institute along with this they should start doing self-studies to utilise the time productively.
Recently the students have completed their 10th board exams so we expect that they are well versed with the topics. This is an opportunity for the students who are preparing for IIT-JEE or NEET. In Class 11th & 12th there are almost 30 to 40 topics that are mapped from Class 9th & 10th. So the students need to pick up the NCERT of Class 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th and do the mapping of the topics. They need to find out the terminology which is being mapped.

Now you need to review these topics from Class 9th & 10th and after that cover the topics from Class 11th & 12th.

Here are some subject wise topics


  • Motion
  • Forces & NLM
  • Gravitation
  • Fluid
  • Work Energy
  • Sound


  • Matter in our surrounding
  • Atom & Molecules
  • Structure of Atoms


  • Cell
  • Tissues
  • Diversity in the living organism


  • Number systems
  • Polynomials
  • Coordinate geometry
  • Circle

These are the topics which you have covered in class 9th NCERT and will have to study again in class 11th. To make the foundation strong students should pick up these topics and start brushing them up from class 9th NCERT also they can use online mode to go through the topics. The students can also google the topics, there is no need for doing the detailed study. Just search, browse and read, also don’t go through the videos as this will become time-consuming and weaken your reading habit. If you are studying through videos, then you must watch one video at a time as guided by the institute.

This will help you to build up to 30% foundation of these topics in these. You will grow a rock-solid foundation for NEET and JEE. This is an extreme advantage for the students while the classes remain suspended. Along with this, follow the guidelines and instructions given by the institute and utilize the time systematically.

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