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NREGA Worker’s son to become an engineer, teachers got him admitted to Kota coaching

Kashi, a place from where river Ganga flows, the sadness disappears, life blossoms. Such is the city of Kota in terms of education. Kota is making careers of students coming here, perhaps that’s why Prime Minister Modi has given Kota an adornment of ‘Kashi of education’ in the Parliament.

Once Again this has been proven by Kota city. This time the city has helped better the life of a student whose family is struggling for basic needs. This story of change is of Lekhraj Bheel of Mogayabeeh Bhilan village in Jhalawar district. Among 150 houses of this village, Lekhraj will be the first to become an engineer.

ALLEN Career Institute’s student  Lekhanraj’s father Mangilal Bheel and mother Sardari Bai are illiterate. They do not even know what engineers are. Both work as wage laborers in NREGA. Other than NREGA wage, Mangilal work as a daily wage worker. Lekhraj has obtained 10740 category rank in JEE-Main and wishes to do engineering from NIT.

School teachers brought him to ALLEN

Lekhraj was smart in studies but he did not know anything about his career, did not even know about JEE. In his 8th Board, he secured the first position in District Merit. In 2017, he obtained 93.83 percent marks while studying in the State Adarsh Higher Secondary School, Khatakhedi. Teachers talked to the family but they said they did not have the money to teach him. Then, some teachers together brought Lekhraj to Kota and visited Allen Career Institute. After discussing his case with Director Naveen Maheshwari, Lekhraj was given free coaching in the institute. In addition, accommodation and food were also provided free of charge. On this, the teachers said that this attempt was made keeping in view of the talent of Lekhraj, and its honor has been kept by Allen. Lekhraj studied at Allen Career Institute in Kota for 2 years. After studying for four months here, he got to know that he is preparing for JEE and will get admission in Engineering Colleges through this exam.


Used to travel for 12 kilometers on foot daily

Lekhraj was interested in studies. He completed his education up to Class X, going to the Government School, 6 km away from the village. Every day he traveled for 12 kilometers. Mathematics and science subject teachers were not available in the school. Still, Lekhraj studied by himself and got 93.83 percent marks. In the village comprising of 150 houses, there is a habitation of tribal Bheel community. Electricity also falls too low. Owns a kaccha house. Two years ago, after the government scheme, a toilet has been built in the house. Most of the village’s youth work as wage labors and do other work. Lekhraj’s father does not know what the engineer is yet and what exam has his son succeeded in. After coming back as an engineer, Lekhraj wants to improve the condition of his family. There are four siblings, including Lekhraj. The two of which have been married.

ALLEN is working to bring the poor and talented students forward. The efforts made by the teachers, considering the talent of Lekhraj, are also commendable. Only after the talent comes forward, education will reach the corner of the country. – Naveen Maheshwari, Director, Allen Career Institute

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