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Health Kept Deteriorating for Two Years but Will Didn’t Change, Now Anubhav to Become IITian

– Didn’t stop studying in Kota even after being ill

– Fell down the stairs before the exam, hurt the writing hand but still cracked IIT

If there is strong determination and passion, every goal can be achieved. Something similar has been done by ALLEN student, who suffered from illness for two years but didn’t leave Kota and studies. His grit has yielded desired results as now he has fulfilled his dream and will now got to Mumbai to do B-Tech. Originally a resident of Chhattisgarh, Anubhav Chandraakar has got 1030 rank in OBC category and 6050 in General category in JEE Advanced. Interested in Astrophysics, Anubhav wishes to take admission in IIT Mumbai. The reason for coming to Kota from Chhattisgarh was that he wanted to do research in Astrophysics, and it could only be possible by studying in IIT, hence came to Kota for IIT entrance exam preparation and got admission in ALLEN to fulfill his dream.

Faced Many Challenges Before Advanced Exam

Anubhav had to face many challenges right before the exam for which he was preparing for two years. Two months ago, he got sick and one day fell down the stairs due to weakness. His right-hand muscles got hurt. He faced trouble in writing. A few days later, JEE-Mains happened, and he wasn’t able to write because of his percentage went down. In January JEE-Mains, his percentage was 99.3 which went down to below 96 in September JEE-Mains. After this, JEE advanced was to happen and he was worried as to what would happen if the same thing occurs again. He made all possible efforts to improve himself. He took the diet as per doctor’s advice, did regular exercise, underwent physiotherapy, drank coffee to keep himself energetic, took supplements & vitamins and studied.

Took Painkiller Before Exam

Even after giving the first paper on the exam day of JEE Advanced, there was a lot of pain in his hand but he endured the pain and gave the exam. Before the second paper, he took a painkiller so that his performance doesn’t get affected. He was able to take the exam properly only after the painkiller.

Fear of Corona

Anubhav had become so negative before Advanced that he feared if he would get Corona. In such situation, his mother supported and advised to keep a positive attitude and he kept himself busy with the preparation. ALLEN faculties also kept helping and encouraging him to study. Mother Sheetal Chandraakar is a homemaker and stayed with him for two years. Father Brijesh Chandraakar works in a private company in Goa.

Diseases Gripped Right After Coming to Kota

When Anubhav came to Kota right after his tenth, he became ill after a few months. He started getting sick regularly. He consulted doctors, got full body checkups done and doctors stated that Kota’s environment wasn’t suiting him. Family members advised to return home and prepare from there but he didn’t find it appropriate to quit his studies. After three months of illness, he started recovering again and kept preparing. The improvement in his ranking in the ALLEN tests kept him motivated. Whenever the rank went down in sickness, he would work harder and get better rank. He would remain sick especially during the summer, but he never lost courage.

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