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Jewels of ALLEN: Tales Of Struggle To Success

Ritu and Kareena: Daughters of Shepherd to Become Doctor

In the heart of rural Rajasthan, where dreams often yield to financial constraints and adversity, an exceptional tale of determination and unyielding resolve has come toJewels of ALLEN Ritu and Kareena light.

Ritu and Kareena Yadav, daughters of two shepherd brothers, from Nangal Tulsidas village in Jamwaramgarh tehsil, near Jaipur, have made history by cracking the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET UG) this year.

The Yadav sisters, Ritu and Kareena, both enrolled at ALLEN Sikar, have conquered substantial obstacles in their journey towards becoming doctors. Ritu secured an impressive 645 marks, securing an All India Rank (AIR) of 8179 and a category rank of 3027 in NEET. Meanwhile, Kareena achieved an outstanding score of 680 marks, earning her an AIR Rank of 1621 and a category rank of 432.

Today, Ritu is pursuing her MBBS degree at Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College in Ajmer, while Kareena is enrolled in Sawai Maan Singh Medical College in Jaipur.

Life as Goat Herders

Yadav family’s financial situation was precarious, with additional hardships arising from illnesses that afflicted both brothers. The family’s livelihood centred around tending to approximately 8-10 goats, which they grazed daily. Income was derived from the sale of goat milk and goat kids. Similarly, Nanchuram, the other brother, and his wife Geeta were illiterate.

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Sheha Shravani Nayak: Amid Successful Prep for NEET, Odisha girl Donated Liver to Save Father’s Life

Girl Student Cracked NEET After Donating Her Liver To Her Ailing Father

In an extraordinary tale Jewels of ALLEN Snehaof resilience and determination, Sneha Shravani Nayak from Paradip, Odisha, overcame immense challenges on her path to becoming a doctor. Sneha’s remarkable journey is a testament to her unyielding spirit, which saw her donate 68 percent of her liver to her ailing father, who tragically could not survive.

However, Sneha did not let adversity deter her; instead, she returned to her studies at ALLEN Career Institute in Kota, cracked the NEET exam, and is now on her way to realizing her dream of becoming a doctor.

Sneha’s story embodies the motto of ALLEN Career Institute, “Success from Struggle,” reflecting her unwavering determination in the face of adversity. In just one year, she embarked on a mission to save her father’s life, generously donating a portion of her liver to him while also preparing for the challenging NEET exam.

Sadly, her father passed away before she could take the exam, but Sneha remained resolute, persevering through the grief to achieve her goals. In the recently released NEET UG 2023 results, Sneha secured an impressive 602 marks out of 720 and an All India Rank (AIR) of 27593. She is now pursuing her MBBS at Government Medical College Sundhargarh in Odisha.

Triumph Against Odds: Leelaram Kumawat, A Beacon of Hope for His Village

Leelaram Kumawat, born into a Below Poverty Line (BPL) family in the village of Bisala, is poised to become not only the first doctor in his family but also his village. His journey is a testament to resilience, hard work, and the transformative power of education, especially in financially humble households.

Overcoming Adversity: A Journey Marked by Perseverance

Leelaram’s family, grappling Jewels of ALLEN leelaramwith economic hardship, toils in the rocky terrains of Barmer. With approximately 6 beeghas of land, the family faced challenges in cultivation due to the unforgiving topography.

Bhimaram, Leelaram’s father, and Mathura Devi, his mother, supplement their income by engaging in labour under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) scheme.

The modest family abode is constructed of raw bricks, lacking even the luxury of cement plaster, with an iron-sheet roof bearing testimony to their humble circumstances.

In a household where resources are scarce and sustenance precarious, the dream of nurturing a doctor emerged.

A Gritty Resolve: Leelaram’s Academic Journey

Leelaram’s educational odyssey began at the Government Senior Secondary School in Bhadrej, situated 8 kilometers away from his village. His determination to pursue education saw him traverse this distance on foot or by bicycle. His pursuit of medical dreams encountered stumbling blocks in the form of consecutive NEET failures. Scoring a modest 149 marks in 2019, Leelaram refused to succumb to disappointment.

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Recognizing Leelaram’s potential, a Barmer resident and also faculty at ALLEN Career Institute, Suraj Ojha encouraged him to join ALLEN Kota. The institute, acknowledging Leelaram’s passion and performance, offered financial concessions, alleviating the burden on his weak financial state.

Leelaram’s fourth attempt at NEET UG saw him score an impressive 589 marks. However, a medical college seat remained elusive. Undeterred, he persisted, and in the year 2023, with a stellar score of 623 marks in NEET, Leelaram secured admission to Kurnool Medical College in Andhra Pradesh, embarking on the journey to realize his dream of becoming a doctor.

Ramlal Bhoi: Child Marriage at the age of 11, Cracked NEET In fifth Attempt to Become Doctor

Child marriage is a challenge for the society, which breaks the dreams of the children, but even after his child marriage, an ALLEN student Ramlal Bhoi made his career. Ramlal Bhoi, aJewels of ALLEN Ramlal resident of Ghosunda in Chittorgarh district of Rajasthan, has cracked NEET and is going to become the first doctor in the family.

Ramlal’s was married at the age of 11, studying in class six. He did not stop studying even after child marriage. Due to the backward thinking of the society, it was not easy to study. The father did not want the son to study after 10th, but the son insisted that he should study further.

Being misled by the people, once the father beat Ramlal and told him not to study, but the level of Ramlal’s determination was different. He continued his studies. The passionate son worked hard and finally cracked it in his fifth attempt. Due to weak economic condition, he did schooling from a government school.

Very Poor Financial Condition

The financial condition of the family is not good. Lived in a kutcha house with keluwe (cow dung cakes) nuggets on the roof. There is electricity connection but half the time there is no electricity. They bring water from the government tap in the village. Father Ganesh Bhoi plows others’ fields, while mother Kamla Devi sells fodder. Parents also worked as labourers.

Ran Away From Home to Study

Education is not given much importance in the rural areas. Father did not want to teach after 10th standard and would beat him. He ran away from home and went to Udaipur and took admission there. Later, when the friend’s father explained to him, he agreed. He passed class 12th in the year 2019 with 81% marks.

Success in the Fifth Attempt

He gave his first attempt of NEET in the year 2019 along with class 12th. He could not score passing marks in the 3 attempts of NEET. After which school teachers advised to take admission in ALLEN Career Institute Kota. His father was not in a position to send him to Kota so he took loan and sent him to Kota. With the guidance of Allen, he finally succeeded in NEET in his fifth attempt.

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